Name of the Course: Statistics-OR (22)
Duration : 2 years
Eligibility : Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 60% marks in the aggregate of optional subjects with Mathematics/Statistics as one of the subjects; OR with at least 55% of marks for those students who have done B.A. /B.Sc.(Hons) Course in Maths / Statistics.
Notification Date : 1st week of Jan
Examination Date : 3rd week of February
Examination Pattern : Part A : 25marks Part B : 75marks
The question paper consists of two parts – Part A and Part B. Part A consists of objective type questions with one mark for each question. In this part, wrong answers carry negative marks (-0.33 mark for every wrong answer.) . Emphasis will be more on testing the understanding of concepts. However part B may include questions which requires both understanding the concepts as well as the computational skills. Each question carries 3 marks. No negative marks for part B. In part B 10 questions has multiple answers.The duration of the test is 2 hours.
Syllabus for Entrance Exam :
A majority of the questions for M.Sc. Statistics – OR will be on the following topics:
Mathematics : Sets, Sequences, Series, Limits, Continuity, Differentiation, Integration,Graphs of Functions, Vector Spaces, Matrices, Determinants, Linear Transformations.
Statistics :

  • Elementary Probability – Events, Independent Events, Conditional Events, Bayes’ Theorem, Chebyshev’s Inequality.
  • Random Variables and their Distributions – Binomial, Poisson, Geometric, Negative Binomial, Uniform, Normal, Exponential, Gamma, Beta.
  • Inference – Methods of Moments and ML Estimation, Test for Mean and Variance of the normal distribution, Contingency Tables, Simple Linear Regression.
  • Linear Programming Problem- Graphical Solution.

Placement :
ur teaching is oriented towards preparing the students to go for research in Mathematics/Statistics. Thus the students who join here get a strong background in mathematics at the M.Sc. level. Consequently students of this department consistently perform well in examinations or interviews for research fellowships in various prestigious institutes in India. Because of the through training that students receive here, they are also highly sought after in the job market even with their M.Sc. degree. Students find it a privilege to be here because of the academic environment and the facilities they have here. Of course our’s is a very pleasant and a beautiful campus!
Scholarship : Each admitted student who do not possess any fellowship from any other agency will be paid a Fellowship/ Scholarship of Rs. 1000 per the existing rules of the University.
University Achievers awards : The top two students in the class will get an achievers award @ Rs.2000/- p.m. (instead of the Rs. 1000 that other students get) for scoring highest marks in the class in the preceding semester. Its continuation depends upon the continuation of the scoring of the highest marks by the awardee.

Website : School of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Hyderabad